Nothing is more annoying than a leaking tap. You sit comfortably on your couch while watching your favorite TV show, or reading your favorite book, but you cannot concentrate because of the ‘water noises’ coming from your kitchen or bathroom.

Most Australian homeowners don’t see the seriousness in leaking tap repairs, they ignore leaking taps as long as they can control the ‘drip dropping’ noises. This is not a wise decision, if all you want is the best for your modern home, and the costs of maintaining it.

If the monthly water bill was overboard last month, it is time you checked all the taps for any leakage and repair them promptly. Imagine a tap that waste thousands of drops that you ignore every single day, do you imagine how many litres go to waste every month? Are you aware that you pay hundreds of dollars for water you never used? This are facts you should know.

Leaking tap repairs are undoubtedly some of the most important plumbing repairs in any modern home. You can do it yourself using the following process.

Identify the leakage

You cannot repair a leak that you are not sure where it is emanating from. This is the first and the most important step. Most leaking taps are visible, thus you will be able to easily detect the leakage. However, some cannot be seen easily since they are minor, and cannot produce the sounds you expect. You therefore need to assess the leakages, the damage on them, and determine the method to use in repairing them, or determine whether you can really do it by yourself, or you will need to employ the services of a professional plumber.

Turn off water supply

Do not start the repairing process while the water is still running in the system. This will just be a waste of time, and a waste of resources since the water will still be dropping from the leakages, hence still accumulating on your monthly bills. You can decide to shut the water supply to the leaking tap, or to the entire house, all in all, you will achieve the same purpose.

Tighten the tap

Most leakages come as a results of loose screws. For this, you will need an adjustable spanner because screws come in different sizes, thus finding a spanner for every screw will be next to impossible. Remove the tap head, place an appropriate washer, and tighten the head. This can go a long way in permanently solving your problem.

Use a leak seal tape

A leak seal tape is a simple tool, but one that is a lifesaver when it comes to plumbing problems. The reason as to why your tap is leaking is not because the pipe is too old and worn out, but simply because the seal tape that was initially while plumbing the house or installing the tap has reached its expiry date. Open the tap head and rap the screw area with this tape to ensure that the head will fit in tightly. Switch on the water supply and see the magic.

Despite the fact that you can do leaking tap repairs by yourself, always know when to call a locksmith, especially when the problem persists, or is out of control.

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