5 Leaking Sink Repair Tips

A sink is an important fixture in all types of plumbing. Due to the fact that they are used more than other fixtures in your Australian home, sinks get damaged on regular basis, regardless of their quality. Homeowners use sinks for washing dishes, shaving, washing hands, brushing teeth, washing faces, and other activities uncommon to other plumbing fixtures. Due to the massive ‘traffic’ they receive everyday sinks are prone to inevitable leaks, which can cause serious problems if not fixed as soon as possible.

A leaking sink can be disappointing. Can you imagine always having to clean the floor after washing your dishes, or having to collect some hair particles below your bathroom sink after shaving? This is tedious, right? To be honest, a leaking sink does not require the most professional plumber in your suburb to repair. It is in fact one of the easiest DIY project that you can carry on around your home at any given time.

You no longer have to wake up at the weirdest times of the day to the annoying sounds of dripping water from your sinks. Below are helpful leaking sink repair tips.

#1 Understand all the parts of your sink

Before you can repair any leaks on your sink, you need to understand all its parts. This will help you know the parts that can be repaired and those that can only be replaced. It will also help you in determining whether you can carry on with the project on your own, or you will need to seek the services of a professional plumber.

#2 Do a thorough examination on the leak

Do not rush to do the repair to the leak. First and foremost, examine the nature of the leak. Understand clearly that different types of leaks require distinct repairs. If you don not examine the leak, you might end up using the wrong repair method to repair it, which can go a long way in causing more uncontrollable damage that might force you to call a professional plumber on site hence incurring hefty expenses that you had not planned for.

#3 Turn off the water supply

Do not repair a leaking sink while the water is still running. Before you commence on this noble task, always make it your duty to shut down the water supply to the whole house, or to the damaged sink, and start working. This will not only prevent a horrible mess on your floor, but will also help you save some bucks on your monthly water bills.

#4 Never ignore a leaking sink

A leaking sink can cause more damage than you think. Water can destroy all types of floors that are not armed with an efficient waterproof coating, hence it’s your duty as a homeowner in Australia to repair your sink in a timely manner if you want to avoid unnecessary future home improvement expenses.

#5 Know when to call a professional plumber

Do not believe much in your ability to repair all types of leaks. Some leaks in your sink are complicated and require special products, skill, and equipment in order for them to be repaired. If you find out that a problem is a difficult puzzle to solve on your own, spare yourself much think and figuring out solutions and seek the services of a local and experienced plumber. See What To Look For In A Good Emergency Plumber

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